An Overwhelming Show of Support

Wowwww! Balance Bead launched on The Grommet about 48 hours ago and the products are now backordered! I’m completely overwhelmed by the support of Grommet’s customer community. They were so engaged and encouraging on the chat board, and based on the fact that we blew through inventory in such a short time, they are clearly willing to give Balance Bead a try. I’ve packaged and sent a new shipment to them with another on the way. Working hard but couldn’t be happier or more appreciative!!!

Breaking News: Balance Bead & The Grommet!

We're very proud to announce that Balance Bead is now being featured on The Grommet! The Grommet is a unique online retailer that features "products with a purpose invented by people with stories." I've been a longtime Grommet fan so you can imagine how excited and grateful I am that Balance Bead caught their attention. If you haven't yet checked out the site, I highly recommend doing so. Truly unique products! 

On product launch day, The Grommet opens up a chat board on the product page where visitors can ask questions and receive responses from the "Maker" (in this case, me). The board is only open for a few hours so please visit me there from now until 3pm PST/6pm EST. I'd love to hear your questions!

This is a huge step for us. Tremendous thanks to all of our supporters for standing behind us! And of course, thanks to The Grommet team for their faith in us!