Behind the Scenes: Balance Bead "Love" Set

Check out the wax models for our latest design: the Balance Bead "Love" set! This design was inspired by spring brides, and is in the process of being cast in metal. The plan is to create models in gold and silver with a matte finish, but you know we're never sure until we see it. Like our "Best Friends" set, we intend to leave the design as an imprint with no added color. We'll see how it goes!

Peek Behind the Scenes: Part 2

Our latest Balance Bead design has now been cast in metal. This is how they look before they're carefully finished. The extra bits of metal will be trimmed off and the surface will be smoothed and polished. The plan is to put a matte finish on this model and oxidize (darken) the paw print, but we'll have to see how it looks before putting more into production. Can't wait to show you the prototype!