Everyday Epiphany… Time to Kick Up the Fitness Goal

With the World Cup going on in Brazil and all the buzz surrounding it, I can’t help but have physical fitness on the brain. I mean, look at those soccer players running endlessly up and down the field! They’re certainly in peak physical condition. Me? Not so much. While I do make an effort to stay in shape, I know there are a few things I can add to my fitness routine to take things up a notch. Right now, it’s not really feasible to add a bunch of fitness classes to my schedule, but I can certainly swing one additional class a week. And I know I can carve out a little extra time each day for a little yoga or mat Pilates in my house. It’s all about finding the motivation, right? Well, those soccer players are definitely helping me find it! This morning, as I put on my Balance Bead, I set the following intention: I will make the time to promote my physical fitness. I may not be able to keep up with those soccer players, but I can be proud of myself for holding plank position for 60 seconds!