“Balance. It’s yours for the taking.”

Not surprisingly, I love the theme of the most recent issue of Best Friends magazine: “Balance. It’s yours for the taking.”

Some wise words from the editor, Mary-Jo Dionne:

Balance isn’t just a hip 21st-century buzzword thrown around by meditation proponents. Balance, like oxygen and water, is a cornerstone of our well-being. The quality of our lives depends on it. And as I navigate the road of new motherhood, I am reminded daily that pushing the pause button on the demands we put on ourselves means pushing the play button on life. Recently, I was driving to a commitment, and I stopped at a roadside farm en route to feed the goats, with my toddler’s hand in mine. That day, I made a memory I will cherish for a lifetime. And proved to myself that old dogs really can learn new tricks (even if it means I am that “old dog”.)

**Best Friends Animal Society is one of our favorite philanthropic organizations. They’re the force behind the “Save Them All” campaign & the “No-Kill Los Angeles” initiative.