Behind the Scenes: A Little Experiment

Do you own an adjustable-length necklace? If you do, you know that when you wear the necklace at a short length, you end up with a piece of chain hanging down the back. While this isn't an issue I'm personally familiar with (I didn't own an adjustable-length necklace until very recently), I've learned from others that the extra piece of chain can be very aggravating. It moves around a lot and tangles easily. 

I've received several requests from our customers for a Balance Bead with a clasp on it. They'd like to take a Balance Bead and attach it to the end of the extra piece of chain to weigh it down and keep it from moving and tangling. So I made a few prototypes and sent them to the customers who requested them. Our latest product testers! The formula? One Balance Bead + two jump rings + one clasp. Can't wait to hear from them and find out if it works!

Fun little bit of trivia... Did you know that one of the earliest Balance Bead prototypes included a clasp? It was made out of a fishing sinker, a jump ring, and a clasp. It wasn't pretty and it rolled around more than I liked, but hey, you've got to start somewhere!