Everyday Epiphany... A Good Problem to Have

The past month has been crazy. Beyond crazy. My house is under construction and a major leak was discovered under the living room floor, my job has me working until the wee hours of the morning, my best friend just moved away to a different country, and so on. I was doing fine for a while, just going through the motions, but it all caught up with me yesterday. You know how it goes. The tiniest thing brought on a flood of emotion.

But after I’d shed a few stress tears, it occurred to me: these are all good problems to have. Yes, I have a valid problem with the leak under the house, but I wouldn’t have a leak if I didn’t have a house. And that leak is being caused by the beautiful pool that sits in my backyard. Yes, my work is causing me stress, but the stress is due to the fact that people are giving me business. Business that I love. Yes, my best friend moved away, but it happened in an era when people are connected no matter how many miles separate them. And she’s having the adventure of a lifetime, which brings me tremendous joy.

On the days when all I can see are my problems, I need to remember that these are pretty good problems to have. They all stem from blessings in my life. And as they say, you need some of the bad in order to appreciate the good, right? So after the plumber leaves and I finish my work tonight, I think I’ll take some time to put my feet in that leaky pool and flip through my friend’s most recent adventure pics!