Everyday Epiphany… Summer Lovin'

Everyone have a good Fourth of July? In my mind, that holiday is the ultimate summer day. It’s a day filled with sunshine, fun, and friends. I’ve always loved summer. As a kid, summer meant camp, sleepovers, and random adventures. As an adult, summer means barbecues, family visits, and (still!) random adventures. But unlike when we were kids, we have our jobs to do. For most of us, work doesn’t just stop as the temperature rises. However, I think it’s important to honor the season and carve out time in the evenings and weekends to celebrate summer. I mean really, why should the kids have all the fun?!

This summer I plan on enjoying a couple of stay-cations in my fabulous city, taking a couple of little excursions to neighboring areas, maybe having a picnic or two in the park next to my house, and of course, making frequent visits to my dogs’ favorite spot: the dog beach! As I put on my Balance Bead this morning, I set my daily intention to enjoy this summer day with the carefree spirit of a child. Perhaps that’ll mean making s’mores in the backyard fire pit! What summery activity can you do tonight?