Everyday Epiphany… Appreciating the “Not So Terrible” Things

We know it’s important to appreciate the good things that come our way, but what about the not-great-but-not-so-terrible things? A few days ago, I got in a pretty bad car accident. Right now I’m lying in bed, typing with my left hand because my right arm has a nasty airbag burn. Yes, I’m struggling with aches and pains but I’m in one piece. Considering that it was a high-speed crash that resulted in a totaled car, that’s pretty fantastic, don’t you think?

It’s natural to get upset when things don’t go our way. It makes sense. But perhaps there’s a little bit of room to be grateful when things that end poorly could have ended a lot worse. Both drivers walked away from the accident. It could have ended differently. For that, I am grateful. As I deal with the tedious tasks that follow any accident, I’ll try to appreciate the fact that it’s really not so terrible.