Everyday Epiphany... Luck Plays a Part, But Not a Starring Role

I’ve been a voice actor for many years. As any actor can tell you, it’s easy to go long periods of time without booking any jobs. In those times, it’s really easy to doubt yourself and indulge the temptation to give up. Many do—believing they’ll never be “lucky” enough to book their dream role. I’ve been there a few times, but I’ve never gone ahead and actually thrown in the towel. I simply love the work too much.

A few years ago, I was going through one of these down spells. An audition came through and I almost didn’t submit it. I was extremely busy that day, my recording equipment was on the fritz, and there was a gardener hard at work outside my window. I remember thinking, “What’s the point? Why stress over getting this recorded? I’m not gonna book it anyway.” I recorded it only because I felt guilty. If my agents gave the audition to me, another one of their clients didn’t get it. I recorded it and hit send.

I bet you can guess what happened. I got the job. I was “lucky” enough to book a series regular role on a major new animated show. But what do you think? Was it really luck? In part, I think so. I was lucky that my recording equipment cooperated with me for a few minutes that day. I was lucky that the gardener outside the window needed a water break. I was lucky to have an agent who believed in me. But what about the fact that I got past my feelings of defeat and recorded that day? Well, that wasn’t luck. That was all me. 

I giggle a little inside when people tell me how lucky I am to be a working voice actor. I always respond with, “I’m very fortunate, and very grateful.” Because it’s not all luck, is it? Persistence plays a part. Hard work plays a part. Resilience plays a part. And then there’s Lady Luck in a supporting role.