Everyday Epiphany… Embracing the Gift of Fall

I find that I’m always a little down the week after we turn back our clocks. When that sun begins to fade, I feel like my energy fades right along with it. I can’t help but feel like my day is “gone” when it’s only 5pm. However, I think I’ve figured out a little trick to help me make light of the change: switch up my routine in very small ways. I made a few little changes to my evening ritual to help me embrace the increase in nighttime hours.  For example, I’ve replaced the streaming daylight through the windows with soft light from fancy orange, red, and yellow candles. I’ve replaced my lemonade with spiced apple cider. Tiny things, I know, but they’re making a difference. After all, I do love fall. I just needed to stop looking at the whole thing as if someone “stole” my summer and instead look at it as if someone “gifted” me fall.