What can you do today to set your life in balance?

We all strive for balance. Balance in our relationships, in our work, in the management of our time. While maintaining a state of balance ultimately provides us with great comfort, at times we can allow opposing forces in our lives to upset this delicate balance. Even the most positive circumstances can move us off center and create friction and discomfort. How do we manage these opposing forces and create balance? Intentionally. By taking small yet thoughtful actions each and every day.

At the beginning of each day, I set an intention. What is an intention? By definition, intention is “an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.” One day I may intend to be generous with my laughter, another day I may intend to consume a low-sugar diet. My daily intention is not always deep, but it is always thoughtful and always something that will help me achieve balance in my life.

What can you do today to set your life in balance? When you put on your Balance Bead, set that intention. As you wear it, your Balance Bead will carry your intention and guide your actions. You create what you intend to create. Each day, commit to creating the life that you want. As you put on your Balance Bead, set an intention that will bring your life into balance. 


Amy (Balance Bead Creator)

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